Just a Little Nugget

Everything has an expiration date, including our lives. We’re nothing more than vapors. One moment we’re here, the next…we’re gone (James 4:14). Therefore it’s imperative that we live life, and live it more abundantly. Do things have to be perfect in order for us to have a perfect life? Absolutely not, it’s all about perception, […]

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Purpose for Pain

One of the greatest gifts is the gift of life. Regardless of the hardships, test, and trails that we face it’s still a blessing to be on top of the ground instead of the ground being on top of us. “Amongst the living”. We were all created on purpose for a purpose. There comes a […]

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My 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant!!!

No parent wants to hear their teenage daughter say, “I’m pregnant”. As daunting as it may be there is hope. Quite naturally, upon receiving the news that your teen daughter is pregnant you’refilled with a list of interminable emotions, and thoughts that range from;anger, anxiety, sadness, bitterness, frustration, rage, disappointment, and even denial (the list […]

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Life Sentence

           She met this guy, he was every woman’s ideal image of how a man should be! At least from us “sistas” standpoint. He stood about 6 feet 2 inches tall, toned muscle build, dressed to impress, with a smile that would keep you dialing in for more. Late nights, early […]

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